Geirdís 2017/2018

I met Geirdís on a cold November evening in a Bar in Neukölln, Berlin. She was sitting at a table in a dark corner, smoking and drinking beer. With here black and white costume and her headscarf I took her for a nun that had gone astray.

A wrong assumption, as it turned out, which she pointed out at the beginning of our conversation with a short gesture to a silvery necklace with pagan symbols hanging around her neck.

Geirdís is a follower of Germanic Neopaganism - a new religious movement modeled after pre-Christian Germanic belief systems - and she is a practicing shaman with a small temple in her living room.

That first encounter started an intense 2-month long collaboration, in the course of which I could follow and photograph her. From her remarkable appearance, to her religion and sexuality, illness and family I got to know a woman who had gone through substantial transformations and inner battles in life. Always on the verge of existence, she is still searching for answers today.

This is a work in progress.